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Vinita Khushal

Vinita Khushal - Accredited Family Law Specialist


A practicing lawyer for over 30 years, Vinita has been guiding, advising and representing Queenslanders through every kind of legal matter as their families have formed, evolved and, as is common, divorced. 

As Principal at Bridges Family Law Specialists, Vinita leads her team from a position of both experience and education, including:

● Master of Laws

● Ongoing working relationships with family law judges and officers

● Experience in commercial law

It’s a rare combination that means her firm is uniquely qualified to pursue outcomes that find the balance of everyone's best interest.

With a calm and collaborative approach, Vinita understands that people going through divorces and separations are in a confusing, difficult and emotional time. Making the wise long-term decisions at such a time takes receptive, rational and realistic counsel.

"I believe in honesty and I keep my fees reasonable,” Vinita says. “Often, my role is to save a family from the brink of disaster, especially around the needs of children. I know what you are heading for and I know how the courts work. I can steer matters to a better place."


Raina Khushal - Solicitor

Raina commenced working for Bridges Family Law Specialists since 2010 as a law clerk and continued working with the team as a Solicitor in 2015 after completing her Bachelor of Laws at Griffith University and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from QUT.

She works in the areas of Family Law, Conveyancing and Wills and Estates.

She enjoys helping people and families resolve the problems they face during the most stressful times in their lives.

Come and have a chat with us!

 Working with Vinita or Raina begins with a simple, no-obligation conversation to explore if Bridges Family Law Specialists can help you.

Whether families are forming, welcoming new children or realising they must go their separate ways, Bridges Family Law Specialists are ideally placed to help. They hold initial meetings at the Brisbane Family Law Courts and at Bridges’ own rooms south of Brisbane.